Pre leased Properties in Delhi & Gurgaon :9873498205

Pre leased Properties in Delhi & Gurgaon :9873498205

pre-leased bank in gurgaon

Pre leased property in gurgaon , Pre leased property in delhi, Pre Rented proerty in gurgaon

Pre-leased or Pre-rented Properties are such properties which have been leased out to a Lesse or Tenant on particular lease terms and provide a fixed Return On Ivestment (ROI).

These properties are in the terms of Banks, ATM, Commercial Office Space (Rented to MNC) & Retail Shops (Rented to Retail Brands).

These Properties Provide a fixed Rental Return with escalation clause of rentals and have following returns:-

Banks / ATM: – Provide ROI of 4.5% to 6% per annum.

Retails Shops: – Provide ROI of 4.5% to 6% per annum.

Commercial Offices: – Provide ROI of 5% to 8% per annum.

Residential Flats or Kothi or Guest House :- Provide very Less ROI returns than commercial pre-leased properties.

Why Pre-rented or Pre-leased Properties?

Such properties assure you of a “Zero” waiting period for the Return on Investment (ROI) to commence. These properties provide fixed rental income and good yield, but also capital appreciation over a period of time. Thus, pre-leased or pre-rented properties are considered as the safest investment and best investment for the investors.

What are Parameters of Good Pre-rented or Pre-leased Properties?

Followings are the Parameters of Good Pre-leased Properties:-

· Location

· Quality and Grade of Building

· The Brand value of Lessee or the Tenant

· The terms of Lease (9 years lease to 25 Years lease with Escalation of rentals from 10% to 25%)

· Type of Property (Retail or Commercial Office Space or Residential )





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